Monday, July 28, 2008

Back Home again...

Well, we're back home again in Indiana, between the Ohio and the Wabash! Weather is typical for Southern IN in the Summer -- Hazy, Hot and Humid, and it promises to reach the mid nineties by tomorrow! And we come here why?

Anyway, it's been quiet and I'm trying to get some stitching in, but several of the projects are complicated, and I think my brain wants to just lay back and read some light stuff. Christopher Moore's books are perfect fun...irreverent and amusing -- Vampires, and Blue Coyotes and the like. Then, for something meatier, there's always a good Faye Kellerman Mystery

Plans are to drive up to Dublin, OH for the Irish Festival this weekend -- also meeting up with friends from St. Paul. Hope the weather cooperates -- no rain and not too hot! Ah, I can dream, right?

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