Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recovering and a bit of sadness

I am my own apartment, and for the next couple of days I am not needed by anyone! I have time to sleep til nine or ten, and don't have to take the two 1/2 year old to school, or stay with the one week old while Mommy does the school thing.

The new baby is wonderful and looks a little like his big brother, but not completely. He has dark hair but blonde (read "no") eyebrows so the dark hair will probably lighten up. Also, his face is narrower and a bit longer. He is up to five lbs now and fits into his newborn size outfits. Mommy is nursing, so when I stay alone with him I am sort of at a loss when he wakes up famished. I don't have the right working equipment to help him.

Now that I am home I have time to do my own laundry and shop for the holidays, and clean my own house. I am also able to relax and take up my needle again! I MUST finish granddaughter #1's picture of the girl on the horse! Then there is a new baby sampler to create and granddaughter #3's new xmas stocking. I still have my Seminar pieces to work on (and I DO want to finish both of them).

I still have to cook for Rosh Hashonah Dinner with dear MIL on Monday, but that shouldn't be too much trouble -- we have to eat too, and I bought all the fixings today.

On a note of sadness, I am totally bummed by the passing of Paul Newman today. I totally adored him, especially those eyes! RIP Paul, and condolences to his family.
More later....Grandma

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wendy said...

I was truly saddened by the news as well.