Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life goes on

Good Grief! Today my little girl (my only one) is Fourty! Nah....I can't be old enough to have a 40 year old daughter! But wait, there's more....I must also have a 44 year old son, a 41 year old son and a 38 year old son; and that must make me over 60! Can't be...no way.
I don't feel that old (well sometimes I do, but let's not talk about that!).

I do have my dividends tho -- 10 grandchildren -- and they make me young, especially when I hear, "Play with me Grandma -- Play cars, or trains, or color, or 'Life' or some other game."

Today is a free day - no imediate family responsibilities so I promise to finish GD#1's picture of a girl on a horse -- just outlining to finish it up -- should definitely be done in time for her birthday at the end of this month.


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