Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Decission

Remember when I said that there was a ship on the bottom of the sampler? Well it wasn't in the same "style" as the other, plane, helicopter, I scratched it and thought I would go with a big rig instead. Where to find one...?

I searched the internet for images that I could transpose onto my graph paper, but alas, most of the pictures of big trucks were either head-on, or angled. I needed one shown from the side
After spending several hours on this (you wouldn't believe how many sites there are devoted to trucks and trucking), DH came up with a brilliant idea. Our grandchildren often visit us at both of our homes (NY & IN) and of course we have lots of toys in the two locations. Anyway, it seems we have lots of Match Box and Hot Wheels cars which are exactly the size I needed. I actually traced one of the trucks onto my graph paper and then started playing with the design to get it right. Innitially I was going for a Big Rig, but as I was stitching and adjusting the pattern, it morphed into a delivery truck! I am so pleased with how it turned out. It has a silver grill done in English style half stitches (1 wide x 2 high) and a stripe on the truck body done in an ombre thread in rice stitches so the color moves across it.

Now to finish the lettering of the date and name, I will be doing a great big Happy Dance!


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wendy said...

It *does* look really good. :)