Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Finish...and a new Beginning

I have finished My version of Pelin Tezer's Alla Turca, a nine part SAL that was issued monthly except parts 8 & 9, which came together. The reason I call it "My" version is that I had to make a couple of adaptions because I cannot measure correctly and I started the piece too high on the fabric so I had to leave out the top motif in the center. Not only was it too high, the fabric wasn't long enough either, so I changed the center bottom design a bit and also evened off the two motifs on either side of the center. They were not designed that way, but it looked better to me.

I also put my initials in the two motifs on the sides of the middle...one thread over one, and the year, the same way.

Now that Alla Turca is ready for framing, it is, of course, time to begin a new piece, and I have, today. Here is the very beginning of the Mary Wigham sampler from the Ackworth Quaker School in England. Stitching this or I suppose any reproduction piece is as difficult as it was for me to "type" my kids' papers for school; I so want to correct the mistakes, but I know I shouldn't.

We are off to Wisconsin for a couple of Irish Festivals for the next two weeks...La Crosse and then the mother of them all, Milwaukee. What could be bad? Great music, great craic and great friends! Mary and the Santa are going with me, so will see how much I get done.
Behave yourselves til I get back.


Dawn said...

Hi Edy,

I like the way that you have evened up the AT pattern at the sides on the bottom. I was comparing mine with others last night, as I thought mine was all wrong, as one side of the pattern is longer than the other, and not symetrical.But it was presumably designed like that.

But I really like yours, as it is more symetrical.

Dawn UK (SH Group)

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Pelin must be proud-you are doing a wonderful job. Looks lovely!

Maggee said...

Edy--I am working on Alla Turca and now that I have seen finishes of it, I am also thinking of changing the pattern at the bottom to be even. I like symmetrical! But I have a ways to go before I need to think about that!! Hugs,

Maggee (from TSL)