Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I hate when that happens

I just finished a medium length blog explaining where I have been for the last month and when I got ready to "publish" I lost my wireless connection! GGGGRRRRRR!

Ok...I guess I'll try again. Since my last post I have been in Columbus OHIO for the ANG National Seminar where I took a great class on Landscape Design (you actually design a piece from your own photo -- choose the threads and stitches and everything!) The class was formulated by Lois Kershner and very able taught by Pat Rouch. More on that when I get back to NYC to work on it.

After driving home to NY, I got on a plane the next morning and flew back out to the midwest as we had a wedding to attend in Poseyville, IN (the couple for whom I made the pillow), and then I was off to do some grandchild watching (can't call it "baby sitting" when they are preteens!) and to attend a couple of middleschool football games.

Next week we are off to VA (via NYC) to visit with two other grandchildren and attend a flag football game.

The only stitching I have been doing is on "Froth and Bubble" but since I forgot the camera, no pictures (I hope to remedy that soon). When we finally get back to NYC for ore than a day, I will get back to my Seminar Project, and start on #1 grandson's Tallis Bag, and #2 grandson's new Christmas stocking (he's getting too old for his Winnie the Pooh stocking).

That's it for now...just a note to let you all know that I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth.

Be careful this weekend -- don't get too spooked. Happy Halloween!


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