Friday, November 5, 2010

As Promised....

Some photos of what I have been working on since (and during) Xena.

First we have one of my older UFO's -- Barbara Rakowski's "Better Berry Sampler". (I think that is the name of the piece.) Anyway, I started this as a GCC a bunch of years ago, and finally pulled it out of my stash closet over the summer and "finished" it. I say that in quotes because there is supposed to be an inner border of cut threads, but I cut my silks and don't have the required 36" lengths to make the cord that 'weaves' through the cut threads.
I think it looks just fine as it is, and I consider it done and ready for framing!

The next WIP is Isabelle Vautier's "Grand Marquoir", a free-bee mystery sampler in 6 parts. As you can see, I've just about finished with parts 1 and 2.
I usually take this piece as a travel piece as it is only two colors (well, one color with metallic accents.)

Finally, we have the most colorful of my current rotation...Froth and Bubble by Long Dog Samplers. This one is almost 1/2 way done and a lot of fun. I stitch the "Raven" (black) "outlines" first, and then "color" them in; I'm stitching this one with GAST, and loving it.

In addition to these, I am also working on a painted canvas needlepoint Tallis (prayer shawl) bag for my eldest grandson. It's a #13 canvas, and I'm using "Trio", a silk and merino wool blend. His Bar Mitzvah will be in August, so while I have "some" time on it, I do have to give my finisher some time as well. It's going nicely so there should be no problems.

I also have to get back to my project from the design class I took at the ANG National many projects, but Fall is definitely here and the shorter days make for more stitching time for me. Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend!

Keep on stitching, and comment if you like -- I like hearing from you.



DUSTY said...

All three pieces are lovely. The berry sampler is gorgeous !!!

mbroider said...

Love these pics... The colour in Grand Marquoir is v. good...

Froth and Bubble is going to be stunning too...