Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Wishes, and some stitching progress

First order of business is to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and a very Happy, Healthy and Productive 2011!

Now on to reporting some progress. Below is Long Dog's "Froth and Bubble". Four of the floral bands are complete as are three of the lines of the verse.

Here is a close up of the third line of the verse and the fourth band. All that is left (she said laughing) is the fourth line, which reads, "Courage in your own." and my initials and date (guess it will be way to finish before 12/31.) Also have to finish the last band which is mostly acorns and oak leaves, and then the triple row of blue for the bottom of the frame.
Also in the works is this Talit Bag for my grandson. He will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in August so I should have plenty of time to get this stitched and finished as a bag.
The canvas is #13, and I am using Trio and Vineyard silk in addition to a metalic for the star.

Don't know if it is clear enough, but each color is stitched in a different small needlepoint stitch -- Mosaic, Diagonal Mosaic, Basketweave and Brick. I need to choose a fifth stitch for the dark navy (it looks black in the photo, but I will be using a dark navy).
Be safe during the Holiday Season. I will "see" you in the new year!


DUSTY said...

Your band sampler is lovely and the Talit Bag will be gorgeous when finished

Joy said...

Your stitching is lovely!! Your grandson is going to treasure is Talit bag...that is going to be fantastic!! I look forward to seeing the finish. Happy Holidays!!

Daffycat said...

Happy Holidays, Edy!

Oh my, the Talit Bag project is going to be gorgeous!

Remy said...

Your Froth and Bubble is beautiful! I have it in my stash, and now I want to start it!