Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Quick (& I mean QUICK) Finish

Went to my (Manhattan Chapter) EGA meeting this afternoon and the project was this Pierced Paper Heart. I finished it at the meeting! We had a pattern from which we pierced (hence the name) a piece of card stock with the design. Then, with fil d'or, we stitched a modified Jessica into those holes. When we were finished stitching, we adhered the red, stitched card stock onto another piece, this time white, of card stock and VOILA! we were done. I'm sure there are other designs (from coloring books, etc.) that could be adapted to this technique. Also, if you used white card stock, the heart could be stitched with some of the variagated/overdyed threads. That would be beautiful. I'm also going to try a shamrock either on green paper, or with green threads. Now to get those coloring books from the grandkids!

I think the weather is supposed to improve a bit by the's hoping so. Until then stay cozy.............


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Carol said...

The card looks gorgeous. Love the technique.