Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One to go!

I have just finished the stitching on grandson #1's Tallis bag. Each color is also a different stitch, and I fashioned the center of the Star of David to be significant to him.

I may have used too thick a thread for this entailed a lot of pushing and pulling. I used two strands of the three that make up Trio for most of it. The metalic is #16 HL gold. The stitches include basketweave (white and metalic), diagonal mosaic (lightest blue), horizontal mosaic (next blue), a form of brick stitch (copen blue) and one I made up, a cross stitch over two with a vertical stitch over it...sort of like the first three stitches of a Smyrna Cross, for the darkest navy swirl.

I will blushingly admit that when he saw it a couple of weeks ago (not yet finished) his comment was "AWESOME". Now that's a LOT of praise from a 13 year old!

Now I have to begin stitching on his sister's Tallis bag as she will also get a Tallis for her Bat Mitzvah as well.

No time for any stitching for myself for a while (sigh).



Witch of Stitches said...


natalyK said...

Beautiful heirloom. I stitched bar mitzvah samplers for my older sons and was considering a tallis bag for the 2 younger ones. Thanks for the inspiration.

wendy said...

Looks great! :)

Needle Nicely said...

Your stitch selection looks marvelous! I think you were right to use 2 ply of Trio. A true heirloom and so wonderful that your grandson seems to realize it.

samplersansuch said...

Beautiful, simply Beautiful

Anne Stradal said...

Just beautiful, Edy--great job! I use one strand of Trio on 18-count canvas, but that's just me. Each of us has a different tension.