Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TUSAL and stitching update

Blogger is giving me fits! For some reason, my computer (laptop) has decided that it is not interested in blogging....or letting ME blog either. I can write the entry, upload the pictures etc., but I CANNOT POST from this machine. I have to save it, go to DH's computer, pull the entry up, edit it and then post it. It is TOTALLY WEIRD!

Anyway, here is my TUSAL entry for July. It is a few days early, but we will be travelling to a grandson's birthday party (he was born on the Fourth of July!). After that we will be back on the road again on our way to the Moonlight on the Wabash, and our Indiana Home.

I have finally begun stitdhing on Quaker Diamonds (thanks Coni) and it is coming along nicely. I moved my own initials to where Karen had the K and S (her initials) is a more prominent location.

Finally, here is my progress on Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier's "Grand Marquoir". It should explain why my June TUSAL was all blue. This is most of part 5. I decided to keep going down, and will complete parts 4 and 6 when part 5 is done (I've done 6 of the 9 boxes). Sorry for the wrinkles, but no time to pull out the iron.

Hopefully my ds will be able to fix this computer's problems and I will be able to post more often during the weeks to come. Until then, keep cool, (or warm if it is winter in your area).



RuthB said...

Don't you sometimes wish you could ask your computer what it's thinking?

Congrats on great stitching! I don't have Diamonds, but I do have that alphabet and you make my grubby little fingers itch to start it. :)

Gabi said...

Quaker Diamonds looks gorgeous. I'm having Spring Quakers kitted up here, and I can tell you it wasn't easy for me to choose between that one and yours.
Love your Grand Marquoir. It's a lovely design.