Monday, April 30, 2012

Still Here

I know it's been a while...actually it's been a lot of whiles.  April was not a terrific month for us, and I have gotten almost NO stitching done.

In the beginning of April DH was in the hospital...fortunately he is totally alright now (except for a tooth ache he developed this past weekend), but spending time in the ER is not condusive to stitching on a complicated piece as "Antique Sampler" is.

After he was pronounced healthy, we had a bit of travelling to do (again, not easy to stitch on that piece while flying.) 

And then the major zonker...last week we found out that one of our closest friends, and DH's former business partner, passed away very suddenly from a massive heart attack.  Apparently it was exactly how he wanted to go -- fast and with little or no suffering, but the rest of us had to deal with the shock of it all.
Of course we attended the funeral and then drove out to our Indiana home so DH can help the widow deal with finances and whatever papers need to be put in order. It will be a very short visit here as we have other obligations to deal with next weekend.

What I DID find time to do was to work on an afghan for one of my GD's American Girl Dolls. I have crocheted 11 of the 30 squares needed...of course they are not yet joined together. The colors did not come out right...what looks like blue is actually purple.  What I like about doint the squares is that they don't really take much concentration and I can do them while watching TV, or talking to someone or whatever.

Well, since I only wanted to check in with you guys and let you know that all was well with us, I'll close by saying I hope May will bring me more actual stitching time, and as a result, more pics of the "Antique Sampler."

Be well.........................................

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