Friday, August 29, 2008

Time to pack up for the National EGA Seminar in Louisville, KY.

The stitching stuff is just about ready, but what about clothes? Well for starters, it will be 90+ degrees in Louisville this weekend and my hotel is about six or seven blocks away from both the official Seminar hotel and the Ky. Conv. Center where my classes and the banquets, receptions, etc are being I go back and forth, or do I bring a change of clothes or what?

And what about the fact that I've gained some weight again this summer - dh and his bread maker! and practically nothing that I planned to wear still fits!

As Charlie Brown says...."AAAGGGGHHHH!

Oh well, better suck it up and throw some things in the suitcase if I want to leave by tomorrow. I know that Seminar will be a blast no matter what I wear, and no one will pay any attention to my wardrobe anyway.

Off to Louisville!


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