Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Not to worry, children, Grandma is back.

The long weekend in Milwaukee was wonderful -- fabulous weather, and a marvelous Irish Fest! The music was terrific as it usually is; the food was adequate, as it usually is, and of course the beer was great. Even more important tho is seeing all our friends, many of whom we met in, of all places, Ireland

After the Fest was over on Sunday night, we spent some relaxing time with friends from Pewaukee. On Tuesday we got to take a trip to somewhere I always wanted to see -- Madison, Wisconsin -- of course I was a little late -- I wanted to go to college there about 40+ years ago! It is a very pretty town between two lakes with lots of cultural things what with having the University of Wisconsin in its midst. It also the capital of the state, and an added treat was visiting the beautiful building that houses the state government. We even got to climb out onto part of the roof that is open as an observation area. Perhaps the nicest thing about it was the ability to just walk into the building without having our bags searched and passing thru metal detectors, etc....kind of like the old days of America's freedom.

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wendy said...

And all this time, I had NO IDEA you wanted to go to the University of Wisconsin! Hmmm...