Monday, September 15, 2008

Back in the City

Well we made it! 843 miles in about 15 hours over two days, and I pulled back into our city garage! The weather was fine, altho we did think we might run into some of Ike moving up thru the Midwest, but I guess we beat him.

Took today to unpack -- both wrinkled clothes and pristine needlework stuff. Now I can get down to some serious stitching -- for one thing, my computer time is very limited here, so not a lot of Snood or blogging time.

Granddaughter's picture of a girl on a horse is all cross-stitched! Hooray...I really got to detest it, but got reinspired to finish it at EGA Seminar Studio Time. As others said, it's just grass and background, so you can almost thread paint it without worrying about that complicated chart...and I did. A couple of hours of added backstitching to give it definition and it will be off to the framers!

Then my Seminar pieces need work and I need to start another granddaughter's new Christmas Stocking -- she picked this one out but knows she won't have it until next year 2009 at the earliest!

I will also find some time to visit my Mother-in-law who is back from FL (I think she really got tired of all that prepairing for hurricanes, both those that came and those that passed by)
and baby sit for youngest grandson who is getting a new brother/sister next month!

And I still need to go food shopping -- how fun!

Grandma ELF