Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home from Seminar

And what a fabulous Seminar week it was! Louisville is lovely, altho it was very hot. I took two classes...a one day class in beginning Rozashi and a two-day canvas and stump work design.
Rozashi is kind of like bargello in that it is composed of vertical stitches, but that is where the likeness ends. The art form gets its name from two Japanese words..."ro" is the silk fabric ground and "zashi" means stitches. The ro is strong yet delicate at the same time and the stitches are done with silk and metal threads. Margaret Kinsey, my instructor, is almost a master of the art and is one of the only people authorized to teach traditional Rozashi in the US.

On Monday and Tuesday I took a class from Lois Kershner. It is a canvas piece (on congress cloth) that has many different canvas stitches including french knots which I learned how to do easily (and no longer have to use beads instead of the knots) and which I actually enjoy doing now - thank ou Lois. The main reason I took this class is that it also includes some stump work (raised embroidery) which I also wanted to learn how to do. The stump work section is a small bunch of grapes - not intimidating at all. Again, thank you Lois.

Wednesday was a day of rest culminating with a paddle wheel boat ride on the Ohio River. The only problem with is was the excessive heat and humidity! Whew!

Thursday and Friday I saved for "consultation class" or studio time where you work on your own pieces with occasional help from a teacher -- In this case it was Marion Scoular, a lovely lady and teacher! In this class I spent the time trying to complete
a project for my eldest granddaughter -- and it is nearly done! I DO INTEND to have it for her tenth birthday next month!

I signed up at preregistration to attend next year's Seminar in Pittsburgh. This time tho I will get my hotel reservations early so there is no chance of having to stay at an "overflow" hotel that might be 6 or 7 blocks away from the main hotel and classroom facility. This year the main hotel (The Hyatt) sold out before regular registration was a result I had to stay at The Brown Hotel which was nice, but 6-7 blocks away and a pain when it was raining Friday morning or after the banquets and auction in the evenings after dark!
I rested yesterday after my drive home but today I had better get to the needle so I can keep my promises as a grandma!

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nice photos. next time, attach them as LARGE photos so we can see them better. :)