Sunday, October 26, 2008

On the Road Again

In North Carolina for a birthday party for granddaughter #1. She is a beautiful 10 year old PRETEEN with all that goes with it! Her presents so far: Rainbow flip-flops from us (which I admit I had never heard of before she asked for them), a couple of books she wanted from her brother, MP3 player from her folks. To say she was overjoyed would be putting it mildly.

She and I, did get to Michael's to arrange for the framing of her horse picture (see A Major Finish earlier this month). She will have it in two weeks and will send me a photo of it hanging on the wall of her room!

We also got to see #1 grandson's final regular season football game. They finished the regular season undefeated (6 and 0) and will go on to the play-offs next week and hopefully, the "superbowl" the following week -- keeping fingers crossed for a win in each of their next two games! (even tho it is hard to stitch that way)

Currently stitching on my "travel"piece, the Swiss Topiary SAL. I call it a "travel" piece because it is all in one color and easy to stitch on planes, in airports, and hotels. I'll post my progress on it when I get home.

More later..............Grandma

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