Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's raining today! And with the time change, it is really dark and dreary outside. What a great day to stitch on Nicholas (the bear on granddaughter's new stocking). He is coming along very nicely, altho since there are no outline stitches, I sometimes find it a little difficult to find my place on the chart!

DH has been away for a week on business, so I can stitch and watch TV until the wee hours of the morning! Last night, there was lot's of noise in my neighborhood...I guess the cheering was for our President-Elect! There is a song fromThe WIZ that keeps running thru my head..."can you see(or "feel", I don't remember exactly) a bright new day?" That's just the enthusiasm I seem to feel all around me, despite the Stock Market!

Well, Nicholas needs to have his hat and scarf finished so I will get back to him.


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wendy said...

If memory serves, it's feel.

I sure hope you are right because I don't have a warm fuzzy.