Monday, February 16, 2009

I've put my foot down

That is the foot of the Christmas stocking!
As you can see, we now have the guys on top, the Bear, and ALL the guys on the bottom! Nest up are the cardinals along the top and dgd's name. I do have to shorten the top 'cause I started the Bear a little too high, but it will work. It's either that, or attach some of the extra linen from the bottom to the top and stitch through the two layers....

but we have to get there first! I also still have some smyrna crosses to put in along side of the Bear in the border -- they are red against the green braid. Soon the stocking will be ready for its trip to the midwest and my favorite finishing friend!

Hope to get this completely stitched before the end of this month -- haha, I can dream, no?


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wendy said...

Looks good. :)

the word verification is says "tedwad"