Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I started the birds yesterday and am almost finished with them...I need to add the "snow" which is DMC 5200 white with bf to give it sparkle! There are also large eyelets in the "valleys" of the branches. One of the things I should say about this stocking is that I flipped most of it. I left the Bear and the birds the way they are actually charted, but because the rest of the family stockings have the foot going to the right, (and of course this one which which dgd picked out has the foot to the left.) I decided to flip the foot and also the guys on top as well as the borders along the sides so they all line up --the top and the bottom.
Still not sure what to do about the rest (going up) as I really don't have all that much fabric on top to play with.
The birds should be finished by Thursday and that's when I will really have to decide about the name area and all.

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wendy said...

what else goes on top besides the name?