Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LIfe and stuff

Yes, gang, we did make it back up north. That snow only held us up for a day, but things have been a little hectic for the last week. First off, I decided that I really needed to clean my apartment. We live in a big city with lots and lots of dust and soot, mostly from heating systems and automobile traffic. I almost always have windows open and therefore the outside city grime becomes the inside city grime. Anyway, I really scrubbed down areas of the kitchen and bathrooms that really needed it (I mean in addition to the normal wiping down of stove, toilets, etc.) Then I tackled the bedroom where a lot of my stash is kept -- books, charts, some threads and fabric -- and gave it a really good dusting, vaccuuming, and shake out.

All this crazy cleaning had to be done because company was coming -- isn't that the reason we have company? To make us clean up our nests?

Anyway, the first of my company was #2 grandson who was coming to spend the night while his sister had a sleepover party at his house with 13 girls aged three (youngest sister) to nine, the age of the birthday girl. We took him to the Planetarium and Museum of Natural History which he requested, and then had Pizza for dinner -- also his request.

The next day (Sunday) two of my sons decided to have a party for their Dad and their own offspring who share a birthday on 3/3 (Dad's is 3/4). Okay, but they decided to have it at my apartment (hence all that cleaning and, I forgot to mention, food shopping.) That's 10 adults and 6 children ranging in age from 6 months to 10&3/4 my four room apartment!.

But -- I have survived, and even finished part three of Alla Turca. I really like this Mystery SAL by Pelin Teaser. There are six more parts to go, each one published on the first of the month, however, now I have to wait until April 1 for the next part.

That's about all for now. I'll try to write more often.


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