Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Stash

Remember late last month when I told you I was going to a stitching store? Well I visited the Scarlet Thread in Virginia and bought some linen. The top piece is a "fat" 1/2 yard of Cashel linen in Flax, and the lower piece is a full yard of Silvery Moon, also a Cashel linen. Both are 28 count, which is what I am most comfortable with right now. These are two charts I picked up as well, because I need more stuff! Obviously one is by Long Dog Samplers, and the other is by Lynn Skinner for the Pomegranate Guild. The center section (in green in the photo) is Assissi work, but not with x's...The stitches are like little squares surrounding the voided area, and that kind of fascinated me.
This past weekend, there was a multi-family "garage sale" at the church across the street, which I only found out about just before they were closing. Anyway, I found these three spools of thread (or yarn, as I found out it was called) for $1 each! The thread is called "Slinky" and it is made by the Silk Company of New Jersey, located in Paterson, NJ. It is called a perle yarn because it is made for machine knitting, but I thought I could use it for needlework!
I tried to determine a size for it and the nearest I can come up with is #5 perle. The blue on top is #5, and the red and antique bronze threads are the Slinky. The lighter blue on the bottom is #8
As for my stitching this past week it has mostly been on Swiss Topiary as I was baby sitting a couple of days. Another week before part 4 of Alla Turca comes out.
I'll try to get back soon with photos of my work.

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