Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's the Day!

Happy Birthday to ME!

It's official; I've joined the card carrying members of (excuse me) "Senior Citizens". I have my own Medicare card, and I can ride for 1/2 price on Public transportation, and shop on "Senior Days" at Kohls and other stores. WOW!

How did this happen? I still feel exactly the same as I did yesterday...even better in fact because yesterday, for some uncanny reason, I decided to scrub the stove, refridgerator, microwave, and all the cabinets in my kitchen. Then I washed the floor and while I could still stand up, I did three loads of laundry (all at the same time because there is a laundry room in my apartment building). Can you say exhausting? I still read a lot, stitch even more, baby sit, travel, attend EGA meetings and Seminars (Pittsburg was fabulous).

Today we are on our way to Indiana for a week -- business for DH, and probably more cleaning and some yard work for me! In between that is a football game on Saturday and a birthday party on Sunday. I'm still ticking!

About the only thing I've slowed down on is photographing my work and keeping up with this blog...two things I intend to remedy in the very near future.

Help me blow out the candles -- all 65 of them!



mbroider said...

A very happy birthday to you!! You are so full of life!!

I wish you a wonderful year ahead!!

wendy said...

Happy birthday!

Charlene said...

Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you're a lot more active (and productive) than I, and my discount only applies at Belk (55). Keep it up!