Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Santa's back from Finisher

As least a weekly update.

Santa is home from the finsher...thanks to Pat Mazu of Newburgh, IN, he is now a "doll" who can join the many other Santa's on my son and DIL's couch.

There is a also semi-side view...Santa was finished as a box pillow so he has some depth. I think he looks just spiffy!

In other areas, I am trying to finish a Table Topper for another DIL so she too can have it for the holidays. I was able to stitch on this on the plane trip home from IN yesterday as it is on #18 Anne cloth over two; I call it my "Tired Eyes Project!"

Mary Wigham is coming along slowly, and my project (s) from the last two National EGA Seminars are also progressing. As if I didn't already have enough on my stitching plate, I am about to begin the year-long "Stitch Along with Gay Ann" [Rogers], and in addition to the new projects I ordered from her, I have brought "Angie and her Samplers" back from IN. I need to kit her up, and then I plan to get started on her as a BAP. (Big A*%^ Project.) I will keep you updated as I start to stitch her.

Until next week...............Grandma


ingrid said...

This is a wonderful piece, both in stitching and finishing. I remember this pattern from the magazine. Thanks for posting such great pictures.

Libbie said...

Beautiful, I'm sure your DIL will appreciate this piece, the finish is magnificent Libbie