Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Day at Nursery School

Today I got to to something I don't think I have ever done before (even with four kids of my own). I spent the morning as "Helping Grandma" at grandson#4's nursery school.

My basic "job" was to help the teachers with what ever they were doing and/or needed an extra hand for. I helped with the ingredients for the corn bread the kids made for tomorrow's special Play and Party for Thanksgiving; I did the clean-up of the bowls and utensils, and put all the ingredients away in the kitchen. Then I put the pans into the oven, watched the time and took the finished cornbreads out of the oven.

I wiped noses (a lot!) and ran the hand-washing before snack operation. I got to sit on the floor during the "meeting" about what we are Thankful For, and Music time and Story Time, and have one or another child crawl into my lap (NOT my own grandson of course, he's way too cool for that!).

I even got to see the "rehearsal" of the class' part of the show tomorrow which is a good thing as I won't be at the real party. I explained to GS that I have to cook for Thanksgiving, and that pleased him just fine. He, and his little brother and parents are coming to my house for Thanksgiving, so there should be food for that.

Obviously, there wasn't any stitching time today and probably won't be much this evening.
We have an Opera at the Metropolitan Opera House tonight. (While I stitch to music, the lighting just isn't there!)

We'll see how much I can get stitched on Mary Wigham this week. It's my only current WIP. I like its portability, and since we are on "Baby Watch" for this same family, I will keep to it so I can quickly throw it in my bag and go off to stay with these two grandsons while Mommy is in the hospital.

More after the Holiday....Enjoy,


mbroider said...

What a sweet and nice way to spend your day

Edy said...

Thanks...fun but a bit tiring

Charlene said...

I have no grandchildren, but it does sound like a delightful way to spend a day before Thanksgiving. A good reminder of a few things to be thankful for; right? :-)