Friday, November 20, 2009

The Plugger

Still plugging away at my Mary Wigham Reproduction Sampler (see It is coming along slowly; somedays I get to complete a motif and other days not so much. Will try to get it ready for a photo next time.

What is making this a bit difficult is that since it is a "reproduction" sampler, one should make all the mistakes the original (Mary) made. That means a lot of chart referral as what seems to be a mirror image of the left side stitched on the right side, often isn't the same. It could be a stitch is omitted, or an extra one is put in or whatever. It is a fun piece, but sometimes quite a frogging bother!

Had a minor personal plumbing scare this morning, so its off for my colonoscopy on Monday. I was going to schedule all my MD appointments for January and February - after Grandchild #11 makes his/her appearance, but this morning's wake-up call said "get this one done early" It's been six years since my last totally clean one, and the prep isn't the noxious "swamp water" but simply magnesium citrate, which I have had before, and as preps for this procedure go, is quite mild. Now that you have more information than you wanted, I will go back to MW and plug away!

By the way....Happy Turkey Day to all, no matter how or when you celebrate!


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