Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just a note

No photos this time, but a quick update on goings on around here.

I finally finished Mary Wigham! If you remember, I had to wait until our twelfth (that's right, #12) grandchild was born last month so I could include her (yes she's a girl) initials on the piece. While the Mary Wigham Quaker Ackworth School Sampler is a reproduction, I chose to use my own family initials instead of Mary's. Anyway, Caitlin was born May 11, and I was able to add her initials and the piece is finally finished and waiting til I can get it to the framers.

I'm rotating two pieces right now...Caitlin's birth sampler which is a lovely little fairy sitting on a yellow flower plus Caitlin's name and birthdate. I seem to be trending towards creating my own "designs" for such pieces these days rather than purchasing baby birth announcement charts. I don't actually draw the designs I use, so I won't say that I actually "design" them, but I DO take bits and pieces from various places and combine them to create a whole. I did that for Nathan, Jacob and Celia, and also for Erin, and Kelly. (The last two are 2 of Caitlin's sisters).

My other bit in the rotation is a large downloaded piece in 6 parts by Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier. It was offered as a mystery sampler, but I waited until all six parts were available. It is a monochromatic piece with metalic accents, and I've chosen DMC 3824, a blue, and Kreinik 025, a slate metalic. I work on this one more when my powers of concentration abandon me, which seems to happening more and more often these days.

Well, as I said, just a brief update for now...just so you know I am still around. I will post phoots soon.

For now, behave yourselves...


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