Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the Road

Tomorrow we pile up the car and go on the road. Our first stop will be VA for a grandson's birthday on the Fourth of July! Sort of a family reunion there with two other sons and part of their families coming. I think 8 of the grandkids will be there.

The next leg will be to take MIL and drive out to TN to see two other of my grandkids.

Finally dh and I will head north to Southern Indiana and our Mid-West home.

In the car (in addition to the passengers and clothes) will be..."Xena and her Samplers" (I've begun the first of her three Samplers), Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier's Grand Marquoir - I'm on page two of six on this one, 2 Lois Kershner pieces, and the new start for my rotation, "Froth and Bubble" -- I have the fabric and will purchase the threads at Stitches from the Heart in Evansville. If these are not enough to keep me busy for the next two months or so, I'm sure I can find more at my LNS!

Of course I will also have the pieces I need to have framed: House in the Woods, Caitlin's Sampler, Mary Wigham, and the Halloween guys to be made up into stand-up figures.

Photos will be posted as I get the pieces back from the framers, and make more headway on the WIP's.

Stay cool this summer (I am thrilled that the Eastern seaboard heat wave has broken!)


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