Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back Home Again!

Well, we finally made it to Indiana! We celebrated a birthday in VA, then drove my MIL to TN so she could visit with two additional great-grandchildren, (and their parents). We took MIL to the airport on Sunday morning so she could fly back to FL, and then we drove north to southern Indiana.

Of course, Xena had to wait out this time, as she is hardly a "portable" piece to stitch on! Anyway...Tada...her first sampler is finished and ready for display.

Sorry the photo is tilted, but you can still see her sampler.

Yesterday was a trip to the framer with House in the Wood, Mary Wigham, Alla Turca, and Caitlin's birth Sampler. They said they would have the first two finished in less than two weeks so I can get them entered in the County Fair.

I went to the stitch-in at my lns this morning and kitted up the next piece to enter the rotation. I've decided to add "Froth and Bubble" by Long Dog Samplers. It is so colorful and will be a change from the Grand Marquoir by Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier that I am stitching in monotone.

While we were in TN I started to teach my granddaughter to stitch...she wanted a printed piece to begin with and we finally found a set of pillowcases with cross stitch butterflies. She decided she only wanted to use three colors -- neon green, purple and aquamarine, the colors of her bedroom. She began on Saturday afternoon, and by the time I left on Sunday morning, she had almost completed her first butterfly. When she comes for a visit later this month, we will work on the outline and daisy stitch she will need for the rest of the design. Right now she is totally excited about embroidery -- I really hope this lasts!

The hot weather is back, but I will relax in my stitching room and keep cool.

You do the same....



Kelly said...

You are the first blog, besides my own, who is tackling a Long Dog Sampler. Froth and Bubble is a beautiful piece. Long Dog has great patterns. I am working on Beautie Spot. I took it to my local Kinko's and had them spiral bind the pattern. Big projects like this are usually three year projects for me so I like to protect the pattern where I can.
Please post your progress.

Edy said...

I have already stitched The Token as a marriage sampler for dh and myself. I figured that after 43 years it would last. (Although look at Tipper and Al ;} )

Jean said...

I'm glad your GD is into stitching.. We have been slowly teaching my god daughters little girl. I'm sure you will one day show off her stitching to all of us, won't that be something!

Isadarena said...

Hi Edy, I am so happy to discover your blog thanks to your lovely word on my blog .
Your stitching is nice and it is surely really a great pleasure for you to learn stitching to your Daughter .
Have a great day ,