Friday, July 30, 2010

Slogging away!

It's a good thing that Gay Ann Rogers came up with her method of getting some of the boring parts of stitching done -- most often it's 12 stitches a day, everyday! It DOES work! And I usually force myself to do more than just the 12. As you can see, I am 1/4 of the way around the "frame" for Xena. It's tiresome, but so rewarding when progress is visable.

In the meantime, here is some additional progress on my rotation pieces: I've almost completed two motifs on the top band of "Froth and Bubble". It's very colorful and I am enjoying this one immensely.

and here is my progress to date on the Grand Marquoir.
Xena will have to go on "hold" for a few weeks as we head out on our annual Irish Festival travels. This year we will head north to Minnesota for the St. Paul Irish Festival, and then onto Milwaukee for the granddaddy of them all. Great music, good beer and Fantastic Friends. What more could one ask for?

Keep yourselves busy, and out of trouble till I get back. Hopefully Grand Marquoir will be "grander" as since it is only one color thread, it will make the journey with us.



Teresa S. said...

Xena is looking beautiful! I have Gay Ann's Snowflake girl all kitted up and am holding a vote on my website for which project to start next--come vote when you get a chance1

Danielle said...

Edy, you won my fabric giveaway, so can you e-mail me your full name and mailing address? Thanks, Danielle