Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heading North!

In an attempt to cool off (lol), we are heading up to Minnesota and Wisconsin for the next couple of weeks. Well, actually, we are headed to a couple of Irish Festivals.

The Minnesota Irish Festival is this weekend in St. Paul. We are looking forward to seeing great friends and enjoying the music.

The Milwuakee Irish Fest is the largest in America, if not the world. There will be four days/evenings of great Irish Music, Crafts, Education and though there is no Irish Beer per se there, there is still beer. Once again, we will be with fantastic friends and have a thoroughly glorious time.

I have been busy "pre-teen watching" (parents are at work, and kids not back in school yet) and finding a few moments to put in the odd stitch on Xena and Froth and Bubble. I will have pictures when we get back.

Be good for the next two weeks, and try to keep cool if you are in the northern hemisphere!


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