Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation Days

We're back from vacation! We were in St Paul, MN for six days. Most of the time we were at the Minnesota Irish Fair, but we did take some time to walk around downtown St. Paul.The State Capital Building is quite impressive, even though it is undergoing some renovations. See the scafolding around the dome. They have portraits of the Governors, and the one of Jesse Ventura is, shall we say, "interesting."
St Paul's Cathedral is the highest thing in St Paul. The interior of the church is lovely, with several rose windows, which I was not able to photograph with my cel phone.
From Minnestota we traveled down to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the biggest Irish Fest of them all! We had a blast listening to all the bands and visiting with great friends who we see, unfortunately, only once a year, but what a wonderful reunion the four day festival is.
After the Festival was over our wonderful friends, Maureen and Dave took us to lunch in Racine on the lake. While we were having lunch I noticed a light house not too far away, and I asked if we could visit it. What a glorious day it was!
When we got home there was an email from the wonderful lady who does some finishing for me. My Halloween guys were ready. Needless to say, I hopped, skipped, and jumped over to her house to pick them up! Don't they look sharp?
I have unpacked and put everything away, caught up on my email, and all the things we put on hold while we are I will go back and pick up with Xena. I should have some more photos soon.
Stay well......


Cindy's Stitching said...

that is such a great set you made. Vacation pics are pretty

DUSTY said...

Your vacation sounds great. I love your Halloween guys. Nice !!!

wendy said...

LOVE the little halloween guys!! :)

Lynn said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit to OUR state of Mn! State Fair..I haven't been there in many YEARS! I will be on my way to Manitowoc, WS the middle of Sept. Won a short trip over across the state from here! LOL
can't wait as I really LOVE the water!
Cute Halloween figures! How nice!

Jean said...

Edy where did you get the charts for your holloween guys?? they are wonderful.