Friday, March 30, 2012

Brief Update

Just a quick update...I've been traveling and a bit under the weather (fighting with my bronchial tubes) lately, and there has not been a lot of stitching. I've fallen a bit behind on my Antique Sampler and the next part is due out on Saturday. I don't think I'll have too much trouble catching up if I just make up my mind to sit my butt down and stitch!
Here is the blue floweres (above) and the finished basket of fruit (below).

And the whole piece so far.

I do have another announcement to make. While we were visiting my ds and his family, (And the American Girl Doll Cafe for Dinner in Washington, DC) I taught my 8 year old granddaughter how to crochet. We started with the chain stitch (with orders that I am to teach her single and double crochet when I see her next time) and I think I maght have created a small monster.

Here she is crocheting away at her brother's boy scout meeting. She doesn't stop! She asked me to sew her 3 yard + chain into a Kipah (skull cap) for her Dad. Here it is below.

Before we left, she had at least two other chains at least as long. I had better brush up on MY crochet stitches.

Enjoy the Spring weather.....till next time


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