Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's a Time to be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

We (just the 2 of us this year) have just finished dinner -- a slimmed down, but authentic Thanksgiving dinner--and I have been thinking of all that I am truly grateful for.

There is my beautiful family...three sons and their wives and one daughter and her husband who are all safe and healthy, and the ten grandchildren...each more special than the next.

There is our own relative good health, as well as that of my Mother in Law who just celebrated her 90th birthday (more on that later).

My enjoyment of stitching for myself and others...and my love of reading.

This wonderful country we live in where we can feel safe (most of the time).

My friends and extended family.

All in all, I feel blessed and thankful for all I have.

Grandma Edy

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